Caliph (President) Eugene "Gene" Kolvig

Gene grew up in The Woodlands, TX. After a year of college he joined the Army for 4 years as a Unit Armorer. He moved to The Fort Worth area in 1997 and currently works for The Sygma Network  in Ft. Worth as a Facilities & Fleet Director. 

Gene became a Mason in Panther City Lodge #1183 in 2008, becoming a third-generation Mason in his family. He served as Master of Panther City Lodge 2012-2013. In 2014 he served The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas as District Deputy Grand Master of District Number 64D and is am currently on the planning committee for the Grand Senior Warden of Texas, R.W. Tommie Chapman until 2019. He joined Moslah Shine and became a “Legacy” Bedouin in 2010 being the son-in-law of Bedouin Past Caliph Russ Lowe.

Gene’s wife, Dawn, grew up in Ft. Worth and Southern Utah. She currently works as a Legal Assistant for a Family Law attorney & Municipal Court Judge in Burleson and also works part time at Frances Lea Dance Center in Crowley. They married in 2002 and now have 4 children who are “grown-and-gone” as well as a 10 year who old still at home and who is very involved in dance and has been since she was 3.

Sheik Gene can be reached at: 214-385-1218 (

Dawn can be reached at: 817-692-3840 (